What does a facilitator do?

Facilitators create and design spaces for people to meet. They are trained in optimising these spaces and guiding the participants impartially towards the goal of the assembly. That assembly can be your weekly meeting, your team retreat or team building, a conference or a seminar. Facilitators are excellent listeners and have a feel for group dynamics. Combined with a set of tools to create interactive, safe and brave spaces, they manage to use the full collective wisdom of the group.

When do you hire a facilitator?

  • When you need help designing an interactive program for your assembly, whether that is a multi day team building, a weekly team meeting that doesn’t run like it should, or a big conference

  • When the group is divers and it is important to balance voices and make sure everybody is heard

  • When there is an underlying conflict in the group

  • When you want your meetings and conferences to be organised on high professional level

  • When you want to optimise a working environment and you need somebody with a lot of expertise on using the right techniques and methods

  • When you need help from someone that feels comfortable working with groups and will help them reach their full potential

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